From the pen of Tracy 

 So, we're 6 days into 2014, and it's cold and snowy...well, okay, today it's sunny, but it's still cold out there!  I'm pretty sure that sun isn't fooling anyone.  It's 6 degrees below zero today, and that's before adding in the windchill factor.  My kids have not gone back to school yet after Christmas break, and they won't be returning tomorrow, either.  Already got the cancellation call!

 Well, what do I say after so much time has passed since I last updated the site?  Seriously?  Three years?  I can't process that.  I know it's been a while since I've had books out (actually, I did have 4 out at the end of last year) but I really had no idea it was 3 years ago that I had my site overhauled.  I'm anxious to tell you about the new books, but first let me promise to do a better job of keeping this site up to date, including this part right here: the 'welcome letter'.  First thing I think we need to do is call it something more exciting than the 'welcome letter'.  I'll be thinking about that as I finish catching you up to date.

So, on the home front: My son is now in 8th grade.  The last time I updated you here on the site, he was recovering from ACL reconstruction.  I'm happy to report he's 100% recovered, and he had a heck of a baseball season last summer.  My daughter has already finished her first semester of college and her first college golf season.

As for me, I've been writing.  Not editing or publishing...writing.  In August last summer, I realized it was time to put the skids on the writing for a while and get busy with some editing.  So I did.  I spent August through November getting 4 new books ready to share with you guys.  In December, I had another fun book party to release those books: 2 women's fiction (Picket Fences and Two Story Home) and 2 middle grade/young adult books (Wanna Play? and Compositions in the Key of G).

I also started a blog with 2 very good friends who are also very good writers.  Lee Carper writes thrillers, and Kim Joyce writes women's fiction.  I hope if you have a minute, you'll check out the blog (scribblesnscribes) and leave us a comment!  I will post the link for you!

Wishing you all a happy 2014, some cozy reading time, and warmer temperatures!

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Small Hours

"An author displays true artistry when she presents a story with which the reader can relate and gives us characters who engage us to want to know more about them. The characters in Small Hours are well-defined and distinct--real. Their story is rife with interpersonal conflicts and palpable human emotions that will capture the reader. Therese Kinkaide writes with elegance and honesty and Small Hours is, in my opinion, a must read."
~Linda Rettstatt