Character Spotlight

Finlay Cole of Contemporary Romance Novel
The Kiss Off

  1. Finlay’s boyfriend Mitch left her for a job in Mitchell, South Dakota. She doesn’t miss him.
  2. Considered one of the guys, Finlay works the parts counter at Cutter Jeep. When she’s at work, she’s surrounded by guys. Her dog, Holmes, is a male dachshund, named after the character Sherlock Holmes—also male, created by a male author.
  3. Finlay and her best friends, Paige & Alexis, write a blog called Kissing Valentino. Finlay is desperate to keep the blog going, because it’s her connection to the feminine side of life.
  4. Because she works at a parts counter at a car dealership, Finlay wears jeans, t-shirts, and Nikes every day.
  5. Even though Paige’s in-laws own Shelburne Cosmetics, Finlay only does basic skin care and rarely wears much makeup.
  6. However, Finlay shaves her legs every day, even in the winter, just because.
  7. Finlay is a runner, and prides herself on being in good shape. However, she does not know what a kettlebell is.
  8. Finlay enjoys an occasional night out with friends at Cubans, a neighborhood bar & grill. Some nights, she prefers wine and sometimes, she’d just rather have a beer.
  9. Because she’s a loyal friend and because she’s susceptible to muddled thinking after a glass or two of wine, Finlay finds herself the star of a kissing contest. The contest is launched to promote Shelburne Cosmetics Kissable Color and prove to the world that it can’t be kissed off. And also…the contest is a great way to flip the bird to the ex who dumped Finlay and left town to live in South Dakota.
  10. Finlay signs a contract to kiss anyone & everyone (within reason, though Shelburne Cosmetics gets the final say in eligible kissers) for 30 days and craziness ensues. The fact that Kissable Color doesn’t kiss off is only one surprise in store for her!

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