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Are You Still Watching...

Before this pandemic locked the world down and changed so much, I wouldn’t have considered myself much of a TV watcher. True, I had a show or two I wanted to watch weekly, the most recents being This Is Us and A Million Little Things.

But last year, actually, I guess this started a little before the pandemic as The Outsider started on HBO in January, I found the fun in binge-watching Netflix and Hulu, etc.

Oddly enough, though we watched all of Stephen King’s The Outsider, Little Fires Everywhere, Season 2 of Big Little Lies, Season 1 of Virgin River, and Season 1 of Sweet Magnolias, Seasons 1 and 2 of Mr. Mercedes (also Stephen King) AND Season 1 of Nos4a2 (I think I got ‘em all!) my reading didn’t suffer. In fact, I read more books last year (don’t remember the number but my goal was 75 and I read more than 120) than I have in a very long time!

I thought my writing suffered a little, and maybe it did as far as it taking me a bit to get going on some projects. But, I wrote 4 novellas and a novel and the majority of another novel, plus a short story or two, besides, so I guess I’ve learned that it’s okay to relax in the evening and watch TV if I’m too tired to concentrate on writing or reading.

I just finished watching Season 2 of Virgin River. And the girl kid and JB and I watched Defending Jacob, also based on a book. Right now, I’m watching Firefly Lane (I love it, but I’d REALLY love to see Kristin Hannah’s book Home Front as a TV show or movie!) and The Queen’s Gambit. I plan to watch A Discovery of Witches next!

My reading is slower this year. I’m not loving every book I pick up like I did at the beginning of last year. Now and then I find one that fascinates me—the latest being Every Last Secret by A.R. Torres—but I’ve started and given up on several already in 2021 and that makes me really sad.

I did just finish the one writing project that took me an entire year to do—Hookin’ Up, the second H Book. I have a proof on order, so I should be able to get that one to you soon! I’m almost finished with the extended version of the last novella I wrote last year, which is in the H Books series. And I’m participating in a Multi-Author Series this year, so I’m 10K into that story, as well.

It’s crazy, because you might think winter would be a good time to write. Who cares if it’s cold outside, because I’m in the office by the space heater or cozy by the fire with my laptop, so I should be able to knock out all kinds of big word counts every day. Not so much. I’ve reached the point where I desperately need sunshine and warmer temperatures to get moving! I can’t wait for spring!

How about you guys? How are you hanging in with the pandemic and the winter weather? I hope you’re all staying healthy. Remember to take care of yourselves, because self-care is so, so important! Put your feet up and relax. Play a game with your kids—we were playing Uno a lot when the lockdowns first started, but we’ve gotten away from it. Give yourself (and your family!) some grace— these are different times!

Take care! JB will be home later this evening, so I guess I’ll be watching more of Grace & Frankie, since JB is watching Firefly Lane with me…But yeah, first, the words. Working on the finishing touches on the novella, Holdin’ On!

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