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Fan-freaking-tastic 50!!

I remember my mom’s 50th birthday like it was yesterday. She suggested to me that we have a surprise party for her! So, we did. At 50, my mom wasn’t old. At 50, my mom ran circles around most women her age. My mom was squatting and catching my son’s hardball pitches when she was 70. So, no, 50 on my mom was not a bad thing.

In less than 2 weeks, I turn 50. On one hand, I’m in total denial. I’m wondering how in the hell time went so fast. Wasn’t it just a few years back that Jim and I were planning our wedding? Building a house? Watching our oldest graduate from grade school? And now I’m looking at 50?

Mentally, I don’t feel any different than any other day or year. Sure, my body aches enough every morning that it’s just easier to get out of bed than try to sleep in. Yes, my kids call me Yoda when I take my first steps in the morning because my legs and feet hurt. No, I can’t read a damned thing without my glasses. But inside? I’m still me. I still feel like a kid, really. So much so that when I’m faced with a big, serious situation or decision, I still look around for someone adultier than me to handle it. And when I don’t see anyone like that, when I see people who are younger than me, I think really, are you kidding? I have to do this on my own??

At the beginning of 2021, I decided I wasn’t going to just turn 50. I wasn’t going to do nifty fifty. I want 50 to be fan-f***ing-tastic. I want to FEEL good. I want the energy Mom had when she was 50. So, I’m gonna go for it. I’m going to celebrate the hell out of 50 and every year after that! All month long—Yes, the ENTIRE month of August—we are going to celebrate my birthday on my social media accounts. So go find my Facebook page, join my Facebook reader group (Broemmer Bookaholics) and follow me on Instagram & TikTok. We plan to post some fun videos! We might invite author friends to drop in on my page and in the reader group to share their books with you and celebrate with us! We might do some Facebook lives, and we’re definitely going to do some fun games & give aways! There will be ARCs for The Valentine Suite, but there might be other freebies, including my books, some of my favorite books by my author friends, a Starbucks gift card & other fun little things AND a grand prize of a $50 Amazon gift card!! To enter the contests, ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS like, comment, share, or tag your friends & family in ANY OR ALL posts about MY BOOKS! You will get an entry for every time you do any of the above all month long! We will do the little random prizes whenever, and we’ll do the grand prize RANDOM drawing at the end of August and post the winner’s name on September 1st! Please join us! Pop in whenever you can for a minute or two here and there and join the fun! Grab a cold drink and hang out if you can! Help me celebrate 50 big & bold!!

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