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Fiction Writer...Not a Blogger

I’m a writer. I’ve been a writer since I was in fifth grader. Tried not to be—I went to college and majored in Political Science and minored in Psychology. Even went back for a master’s degree in Education and worked in early childhood for a while.

Found out I’m not really good teacher material. But I’m a writer.

That being said, I’m not a blogger. I hate blogging. I hate having a blog spot sitting out here, waiting for me to fill it. Don’t get me wrong. I like talking to you guys, to my readers and to those of you who may have stumbled upon my website when you were out surfing authors and books and fell down the rabbit hole. You bet I want to talk to you, to be in contact with my readers and future readers.

I just don’t like hearing my own voice in a blog post. That’s why I write fiction; every fictional word I write sounds different from my voice in my head. That’s okay. In fact, that’s awesome. That’s why/how I do what I do. But I have a hard time finding something to talk about in my voice.

I don’t do New Year Resolutions. Why bother? I’m not going to choose a word to focus on for the year 2020. Nope, 2019 rolled into 2020 like clockwork, and to be honest with you, I was ready to be done with 2019. It was a hard year for me for a lot of reasons. I’m hoping 2020 is better!

It’s more likely that I’ll use this space to share bits of longer works or flash fiction pieces, but I will try to check in now and then as me. For now, I need to go flip a load of laundry and get back to writing!

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