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Rookie Experience RWA18

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Romance writers are, of course, romance readers. When I was younger, I read a lot of romance novels, but I also read (still do) a lot of other genres. A couple of years ago, I was browsing Kindle books on Amazon. And I found this book called Everywhere and Every Way by a writer I had never heard of. So, I downloaded it and LOVED it and started both my venture back into Romancelandia and my quest to read all of that author’s backlist. I have since read many of Jennifer Probst’s books. I’ve read a lot of indie romance books. I found authors...

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So, I’m guessing we all like a little road trip or a big, long vacation from time to time. Whether it’s a long weekend in St. Louis for a ball game or shopping or maybe camping and hiking at a state park or a longer distance sort of trip, I bet we all agree that it’s nice to be able to slip away from our responsibilities and just relax and have some fun now and then. And if we’re planning those sorts of trips—the fun ones—we spend a lot of time looking forward to them, right? Wow, I can’t wait for—fill in the blank—oh, it’s gonna be so much...

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My Word. Be.

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Sometime last year, I started seeing one particular person on my Tracy Broemmer Author Facebook page talking about her word. She’s a very positive person, and though I don’t talk to her other than an occasional comment on her posts, I always enjoy seeing her status updates. Even though she often discussed her word, I never gave the whole concept much thought. You know what I’m talking about…the whole choosing your word for the year and being inspired to become what that word says you are or to do what that word tells you to do. Late last...

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