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Lorelei Bluffs Series

Lorelei Bluffs is a (fictional) German town built on the bluffs of the Mississippi River, about two hours north and west of St. Louis, Missouri. Named after the founding father’s daughter, Lorelei Wagner, Lorelei Bluffs boasts a population of approximately sixty-thousand people, and the residents enjoy a sense of big city life as well as a sense of small-town community.

Lorelei Bluffs is not only home to The Diner, Martelli’s, and Red Dog Bar & Grill. It’s also where some people very near and dear to me live. If you like stories that are connected, characters who reappear time and again, and best of all, great times with your girlfriends, you should come and visit the ladies here in Lorelei.

This is a ten book series, best read in order, although you could read the first book—Every Little Thing—as a standalone novel. You could read book two, Two A.M., and stop there and still be satisfied. But why not keep reading?! Each book features a strong female character and tells her story. The characters are connected by friendships, and sometimes, familial bonds. The ladies in this series love their men, their families, and each other. Their secrets are safe within their friendships, but nothing is sacred. They share their fears, secrets, and dreams, sometimes over coffee and sometimes over wine. They cry together, they laugh together, but mostly they will remind you it’s time to call your best friend or your sister or your mom because you need some girl time!

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