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When Bodhi Reyburn returns to Lake Clair to take a teaching position, the last person she expects to see is her ex’s best friend, Will Bennet, and the last thing on her mind is finding love. She needs a fresh start, which includes leaving the past—Tyson Boone—in the past and finding herself.


Bodhi Reyburn used to be Boone’s girl, reason enough for Will Bennet to stay away from her. Easy to do at first. Will’s held a small grudge against her for years for choosing Boone over him, and now that it seems obvious that she left Boone—his best friend—shouldn’t Will side with him?


What happens when the past and present collide? Will Bodhi fall for Will, or will she always be Boone’s girl?


Originally published in the 2020 anthology, Aced, Back to School. This edition has been updated with two additional chapters.

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Hold Onto the Stars 
Free in KU

The Valentine Suite

Maybe beautiful places heal the wounds that time doesn't touch.


What reviews say...

"'The Valentine Suite' is an achingly beautiful and emotional glimpse of how grief can shatter souls and love can be a healing salvation..."

The Valentine Suite~Tonya Mathenia, InD'Tale Magazine