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Seasoned firefighter Ben Sager didn’t plan on being divorced and alone at his age, sharing custody of his little girl with his ex-wife. But losing his partner in a house fire last year left him jaded, bitter, and more interested in the kind of healing a brown bottle offers than the love of his wife and daughter.


Carlie Beringer landed a dream job with a travel agency right out of college. Confident and carefree, she believes whole-heartedly in soul mates and true love. Carlie lives every day to its fullest and sees the good in everyone she meets. Even Ben.


When Carlie’s SUV is hit head on by a distracted driver, Ben’s rescue truck is the first on the scene. Pinned in her car, in and out of consciousness, Carlie relies on Ben’s intense blue-eyed gaze to deliver her from her pain and the terror that threatens to overwhelm her.


Ben can’t get the girl from the accident out of his head. Against his better judgment, he finds himself taken in by her hope and her smile. But when it becomes clear Carlie wants more than he’s capable of giving her, Ben worries their relationship will crash and burn and end in flames.

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Hold Onto the Stars 
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The Valentine Suite

Maybe beautiful places heal the wounds that time doesn't touch.


What reviews say...

"'The Valentine Suite' is an achingly beautiful and emotional glimpse of how grief can shatter souls and love can be a healing salvation..."

The Valentine Suite~Tonya Mathenia, InD'Tale Magazine