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Coming December 6!

Champion bull rider and horse enthusiast Taj Bailey has a drawer full of awards to show for his extraordinary accomplishments, but not a whole lot of money in his bank account. Now, his ex-wife wants to move to California and take his daughters with her. He needs money to hire a lawyer. A lot of it. And fast. When he hears of a job that pays an unbelievable amount of money to dress up as Santa Claus, he jumps at the chance. He just wishes he’d known that his first assignment on this new job was to take off his clothes.


Summer Lockland needs a break. From her job. From her interfering relatives. From her good-girl reputation.  Life is kind of quiet in her small town and living with her parents again is tedious at best. So when her cousin’s bachelorette party invitation arrives, she packs her bags and heads to Kissing Springs determined to enjoy a little Christmas cheer. But when a hunky, half-naked Santa wearing not much more than his boots sets his sights on her, she decides Christmas cheer isn’t the only thing she plans to enjoy.


What was supposed to be one hot night quickly becomes something hotter than Taj can handle. Can Summer lasso his heart with a little Kissing Springs magic?

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What reviews say...

"'The Valentine Suite' is an achingly beautiful and emotional glimpse of how grief can shatter souls and love can be a healing salvation..."

The Valentine Suite~Tonya Mathenia, InD'Tale Magazine

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