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Tracy Broemmer
USA Today Bestselling Author

Real Life. Real Love. Make Believe.

Hi ~ I'm Tracy!

I write women's fiction ~ some family drama & some psychological thrillers. 

I write contemporary romance~some are stand-alone, some are series books, some shorter pieces that were originally published in anthologies,and some are parts of multi-author shared world projects.


Now Live!

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Manrick Allman doesn’t have a phone, let alone all the latest and greatest apps. That is, until his master, Archer Radcliffe, insists he get a new Diphone and the new dating app that’s all the rage. Manrick isn’t interested in dating, not anymore, but since it’s an order, he finds himself in line at the strip mall that houses the Diphone store.


After Claudia Scott’s Great Dane stepped on her phone and cracked the screen, she heads to the Diphone store to get the latest model. Tired of her nosy, clingy neighbor, Claudia decides to check out the Love Bites dating app just to meet someone to pal around with.


Manrick and Claudia used to know each other, but it’s been hundreds of years since they’ve talked. After they bump into each other at the grocery store, they exchange numbers and start their friendship over.


What they don’t share immediately is that they both have profiles on the Love Bites dating app. Instead, they talk about other things they have in common—a love of reading and movies, bourbon, and downhome life.


What happens when Claudia unknowingly swipes right on Manrick’s profile?

Cover Reveal

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The name Preston Marshall is synonymous with failure. And unfortunately, it’s the name his parents gave him. He’s considered changing it; his siblings would probably pay the legal fees to have it done. But his professional football debut was horrendous, and his mother is the only one who still speaks to him as if the last year didn’t happen. The last thing Preston wants is to hurt her feelings.

Still, the 2023 number two pro football draft pick has no plans to stick around in the US after an embarrassingly disappointing debut season. Preston threw for two touchdowns, while allowing for fifty-seven interceptions. No wonder the Louisville Thieves didn’t keep him around for another season; no wonder his agent suggested a new career, or as he phrased it, a Plan B.

Saylor Perry could be in Santorini wallowing in self-pity over a broken acting career. But the truth is, she hasn’t acted since she was twelve, and it was her mom’s dream, not hers. The daughter of famous actor Edward Perry and producer Sheila Collins, Saylor spent her childhood in seclusion with a nanny and a tutor for company. Still, from the time she turned eighteen, she’s been footless and carefree.

Spending the summer at a friend’s villa in Santorini just might be the starting point for yet another short-lived career for her. She’s worked in bakeries, banks, and bars, and she’s loved every minute of it. So why not settle in Santorini and run her friend’s art store when he leaves for the states?

Enter Preston Marshall. Yes, she knows who he is, but she’s as nonplussed by him choking in his professional football debut as she is his big, beefy muscles. She’s lived with stars and stardust her whole life, so if Preston Marshall wants to impress her, he’s got his work cut out for him.

"I really enjoyed Beach Daze by Tracy Broemmer. It’s well paced, and like all of Ms. Broemmer’s stories, the plot twists are fresh and the love scenes are steamy. Well worth the read!!!"

Kate Carley,

Author of

Loving Scarlett

"The Valentine Suite is an achingly beautiful and emotional glimpse of how grief can shatter souls and love can be a healing salvation."

Tonya Mathenia,

InD'Tale Magazine

This book [Moonlight in Montreal] is breathtaking in its beauty and sensitivity. It is funny, romantic and at times hits close to home (for me at least) but I was hooked and I had to keep reading, I am so glad I did!"

Librarian Lou, Amazon Reader

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