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Hold Onto the Stars

CJ Everhart—small town girl, licensed electrician, professional sports fan. Life in small-town Oak Bend, Michigan is good, if a bit confining. With her thirtieth birthday in the rearview mirror, CJ wonders if there should be more. The dating pool in a town like Oak Bend is a little bit like a catch and release fishing pond. CJ has dated and broken up with most of the guys in Oak Bend, sometimes more than once. Not to mention she’s not the kind of girl who needs flowers or other silly romantic gestures, and her ideal future bucks the small-town script of marriage, babies, and soccer-mom minivans.


Peyton Quinn—big city guy, elementary school teacher, new to small-town living. Transplanted from a Chicago suburb, Peyton moves to Oak Bend for a change of pace—oh, and to hide from his well-meaning family. Enter a well-meaning friend determined to throw him into the dating ring, a perfect blind date he’s just not attracted to, and the mysterious Tigers’ fan he bumped into at the local sports bar days ago.


When their paths cross, sparks fly between CJ and Peyton. CJ doesn’t deny the attraction, though she insists she’s not the kind of woman Peyton needs. But the more they’re around each other, the more Peyton believes fate brought them together.


Can Peyton convince CJ they were made for each other and the sky is the limit for their love if they can hold onto the stars?

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This was such a wonderful story that really does touch the heart. Both Nick and Mercedes felt the extreme chemistry, yet couldn’t imagine the other could feel anything for them. The love that the family poured out was amazing. The storyline moves at a leisurely pace, but take the time to read this wonderful book and just feel how it will move you. This is really a good one!

Gettin’ Hitched, Emily, Goodreads Reader