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Don't let love, or lust, pass you by…

Sink into this incredible collection of never-before-released full-length novels!

Available for a limited time only!

Let us arouse your imagination with dozens of books compiled to satisfy your craving for romance.

They'll tease… excite… and tempt you to sin.

Get ready to swoon over these seductive stories of craving and demand. Yield and advance. Heat. Hearts. Need. Desire. Whatever stirs your passion, we'll find a way to thrill…

Take the tantalizing chance! Devour this scorching boxset before it's gone for good!


Warning: Contains explicit language and imagery. Suitable only for ages 18 and over.

Charlie Murphy wants it all—true love, a blushing bride, and a house full of kids. And Charlie’s found the one he wants. Raised in an Irish Catholic family, Charlie’s used to the chaos and support from a big family. He’s ready to share all of that, ready to share his life with the pretty girl who visits his mom’s coffee house daily.


Tatum Pettit doesn’t believe in or want love—of any kind. She’s lost too many people she’s cared for, and she’s decided it’s time to guard her heart. Sure, Charlie Murphy is tempting—good looks and a kind heart would turn any girl’s head. But Tatum knows if Charlie really knew her, if he got too close and saw the baggage she’s always carried, he would run the other way, too.


But when push comes to shove and Tatum’s dysfunctional past and family come looking for trouble, Charlie not only promises he’ll stick around—he actually does. What’s Tatum supposed to think about a man who actually keeps his promises? Is it enough to make her change her mind about wanting love?

Treat yourself this Valentine's Day!

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What reviews say...

"'The Valentine Suite' is an achingly beautiful and emotional glimpse of how grief can shatter souls and love can be a healing salvation..."

The Valentine Suite~Tonya Mathenia, InD'Tale Magazine

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