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Short Stories

MistletoeMishapseBook 2.jpg

If there’s anything Nic Collier likes less than decorating for Christmas, it’s being called out on local TV news to do just that. When anchorwoman Hailey Gerritsen challenges her to participate in the Christmas decorating contest sponsored by her own news station, Nic has no choice but to play along.

Enter Scott Woodrow, news cameraman, owner of a smokin’ hot body, and all-around nice guy. When Scott shows up to help Nic with her Christmas lights, she assumes none other than Hailey Gerritsen put him up to it.

But as the two of them work side-by-side to finish the decorating, Nic finds herself drawn to Scott and actually enjoying the decorating project and the holiday season.

Will Nic’s newfound holiday cheer last through the season, or will ghosts from her past ruin yet another holiday?

Toasted E Book.jpg

Instead of getting married at St. Andrew’s Church, runaway groom Grant Gerritsen is throwing back shots at the Whistling Dragon to forget his bride-to-be. He’s nursing his angry, broken heart alone in the New Year’s Eve crowd…

Until supposed-to-be bridesmaid Zoey Voss shows up at the Whistling Dragon desperate for a phone to call a cab to get back to her hotel.

When Grant saves his ex-fianceé’s childhood friend from an unkempt stranger at the bar, a night of flirty, fun adventure begins. Will Grant and Zoey kindle a friendship of their own or are their escapades just a New Year’s Eve fling

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